Take Away Menu

This is our NEW menu ahead of our grand re-opening in a couple of weeks. You will notice that the prices and dishes are different on this new menu, so please adopt this new menu from now. When placing the order, kindly provide the DISH NAME (rather than dish number) as we still need to update the new menu on our computer systems. The prices will now be aligned to the new menu. Thank you for your patience.


*We are using a computer ordering system.
*Please have your telephone number, address & postcode ready.
*Please place your order by quoting the number of the desired dish.

*All Main Meals do not include Rice or Chips.
*All Main Meals are packed in large plastic containers.
*Please be aware that during busier hours, expected delivery times may vary. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We only use the finest extra Meaty Ribs, specially marinated in Oriental Herbs & Spices.

(Lightly Battered, Stir fried with Pineapple, Onions, Carrots & Green Pepper)

(In Crispy Batter, served with Sweet & Sour Sauce)

(Lightly Battered, stir-fried with Onions in Honey Chilli Sauce)

(Cooked with Garlic, Onions, Carrots, Peppers, Pineapple & Cashew Nuts in Hot Spicy Sauce)

(Deep Fried in Crispy Batter, Served with a Sweet Mango & Fruit Sauce)
(Cooked with Garlic, Onions & Original Spices in Peanut Sauce)

(Cooked with Onions, Carrots, Bamboo Shoots, Water Chestnuts & Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce)

(Cooked with Onions, Beansprouts, Spring Onion, Garlic & Rice Wine in Oyster Sauce)

(Chinese Omelette)

(Shredded Chilli & Garlic in a Peppery, Hot & Spicy Sauce)
(A famous dish in Malaysia, made from a variety of Chilli Peppers, Malaysian Herbs & Spicy Shrimp Paste. Cooked with Onions & Fresh Tomatoes)

(Curry Dish made from Herbs & Spices with a hint of Coconut Milk & Green Curry. Cooked with Onions & Fresh Potatoes)

(A Mild Curry cooked with Coconut Milk, Potatoes & Onions)
Ingredients: Soya Protein, Wheat Starch, Wheat Protein

 Ingredients: Wheat Gluten, Wheat Flour, Soy Bean Oil, Soy Sauce

Ingredients: Wheat Gluten, Wheat Flour, Soy Bean Oil, Soy Sauce

 Ingredients: Potato Starch, Konjac Powder, Soy Protein Powder

Ingredients: Konjac Powder, Shiitake Mushrooms, Soy Protein


Ho Fun / Udon Noodles / Crispy Noodles