Roast Duck

The Famous Peking Roast Duck

Everyday, our chefs spends hours roasting and marinating our fresh Roast Ducks to achieve the perfect level of crispiness balanced with the right aromatic flavours. It is no wonder that our ducks always sell out, so if do not miss out by booking in advance an order.

The history of the Peking Roast Duck stretches back to the ancient Southern and Northern dynasties (420-589). Chefs throughout China who travel to Beijing to prepare the duck for the Emperor making it an extremely prestigious occupation as only the very best could step foots in the palace kitchens. The very best chefs could even progress to become a ranking minister. It was a dish ‘fit for the emperor’.

Today, we see Peking Roast Ducks all over the world served to the masses and still remains a dish as popular as ever!